20.03: Romy Day Winkel
Love Tokens: On Romantic Gesture and Its Restricted Objects

In this workshop, Romy Day Winkel invites you to join her in making a love token, and to use this object as a starting point for your personal reflections on romance (in all its guises). Through a short reading of the history of this gesture, you will be asked to enter a guided room-walk in search of a romantic object in your everyday surroundings. You will then work with your found material, think and talk about ways to imitate their meaning, to figure out what happens when you don't just write about, but with and through an object.

Romy Day Winkel is a writer, researcher and musician based in Amsterdam. Her research on romance as a locus for revolutionary longing is expanding via the Critical Studies program at Sandberg Institute, as well as her digital archive (IG @romance_utopia) and radio show. She also runs a socialist feminist zine called SNAKY ZINE and interviews poets for Perdu’s podcast series.