17.04: Leana Boven
Ghost Stories and the Invisible

Ghosts are embodiments of what we are scared of and cannot fully grasp, as well as beings that are made invisible, supposedly not present in our "real" world. They are embodiments of the social, created by human imagination, and do not just appear out of nowhere. The shadows that follow us are also shadows of ourselves. This workshop departs from Avery Gordon's understanding of Ghostly Matters: “to be haunted is to be tied to historical and social effects.” By looking at current queer/feminist ghost stories such as the work of Carmen Maria Machado we will consider how the ghostly can be used to understand the unseen influences of our daily lives. How the scary things that haunt us, those echoes, murmurs and shadows, connect our present to our past.

Leana Boven is a curator, program maker and researcher from Rotterdam. She works with the Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons and created the exhibition 'On Collective Care and Togetherness' at MAMA in 2020. She is interested in queer, feminist and decolonial critiques.